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Midwest Institute of Urology is the trusted authority in bio-identical hormone replacement for patients seeking a higher quality of life.

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Kelli L - Amazing! – I started going to Midwest Institute of Urology in September of 2011. I had been referred here from some very high recommendations of other patients that see DR Lundblad. I have always been very statisfied and treated well when I have been in. DR Lundblad helped me solve postpartum hormone dificiencies that I had been feeling. Not only was he able to get my results back in a timely manner, he explained them to me very thoroughly and in a way that I could actually understand. I will continue to see DR Lundblad and refer him to anyone that needs a professional, but still caring DR.
Kathy V. - Great Care – I started seeing, Angie the CNP at this clinic almost 4 yrs ago. She is wonderful! I did have to wait awhile to get an appointment initially but otherwise have nothing bad to say. She has got me on bio identical hormones that have done wonders for my health, I feel awesome. She is caring and so kind. I travel from Duluth gladly at least twice a yr and will continue to do so to see her. Highly recommend her!!
veedub1 - Changed my life for the better – Both my Husband and I go to Midwest Urology. We first started seeing Dr. Lundblad about 10 years ago. He has changed our lives for the better on three different occasions. I mean truly changing our quality of life in monumental ways! Dr. Lundblad is no less than brilliant when it comes to treating hormone issues. Thanks to him we were able to conceive a child (and give birth), my husband's cholesterol levels are normal (7years ago they were immeasurable!) and we have a healthy marriage. 

It is at times difficult to get an appointment to see him. But Dr. Lundblad is at the top when it comes to leading in his medical field. I am always in awe of his knowledge and passion for the endocrine system. He is ground breaking in his treatments. During my appointments with him I never feel rushed and he takes as much time as is needed to gather all information that is needed and to answer all of my questions thoroughly. Due to his popularity and the amount of attention he gives each patient it results in a long wait time for appointments. But, I would wait as long as I needed to in order to see him. It is always well worth it!!!